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Big Data Analytics

Through Big Data application, we address the challenge faced by every large organization: business information is spread across multiple systems and silos and people need access to that data to meet their job requirements and make important decisions.
Big Data Exploration enables you to explore and mine big data to find, visualize, and understand all your data to improve decision making. By creating a unified view of information across all data sources - both inside and outside of your organization - you gain enhanced value and new insights.

Use Cases

Hi-Tech Defense Solutions

To stay responsive to a complex, demanding situations of our customer base in a highly competitive market, Defense organizations must embrace frequent change, accelerate innovation processes and create winning ideas that translate in to proactive security.
Defense industry is looking to acquire speed, flexibility and precision. As deregulation, globalization and military transformation create a new set of industry challenges, HyperNym enables defense organizations to improve performance through our tailored solutions.

Our bespoke solution in liaison with our partners for hardware are ready to serve the following:

  • Police
  • Military
  • Prison
  • Other government agencies

Cloud Services

The cloud is all about agility, rapid scaling, and being more responsive to the business . Clearly, the same IT organization that delivered “IT as usual” is not going to have the same structure and skill sets as a cloud-ready organization regardless whether a private or public cloud strategy . It is going to need to become service-driven: more efficient, more automated, less restrictive, with a higher value on innovation –providing IT at the speed of business.


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Internet of Things

The Internet is no longer just a network of people communicating with each other via computers and smartphones. Soon, our cars, our homes, our major appliances and even our city streets will be connected to the Internet – creating a network of objects that is often called the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. Made up of millions of sensors and devices that generate incessant streams of data, the IoT can be used to improve our lives and our businesses in many ways.

The Internet of Things consists of three main components:

  • The things (or assets) themselves.
  • The communication networks connecting them.
  • The computing systems that process and make use of the data that our           things transmit and receive.

Using this infrastructure, objects or assets can communicate with each other and even optimize activities between them based on the analysis of data streaming through the network.

Use Cases

Software development

We create high performance and feature-packed software applications for iOS and Android. The software that we create is guaranteed to be secure, scalable and sustainable in whatever scenario it is used. Implementing an Agile development methodology, we deliver high-quality software that will meet all your needs.
Our business and IT experts carry out a thorough analysis and evaluation through a highly flexible engagement model, and make sure you get the right solution which is delivered on time and is cost-effective. Starting from custom UX/UI design to a thorough quality assurance process, Hypernym follows tested methodology in order to achieve the best quality even in the tightest deadlines.

We offer:

  • iOS and Android application development
  • Cross-platform application development
  • Backend software development
  • UI/UX design
  • Code reviews

services Hub

As innovation is at its peak, more companies focusing on specialized products. Large enterprises are forced to have heterogeneous installations that directly translate into managing multiple service providers. Under such circumstances companies need strong governance and seamless integration to ensure innovative and “legacy” working hand in hand for better results for the company.
Starting with defining and agreeing business objectives before implementing the necessary IT standards, processes and governance model to achieve your goals. This includes defining key performance indicators and critical success factors that under pin any integration roadmap.
This is a collaborative process involving business leaders, IT managers and service providers. Serving as a single, coordinating link between the business and the IT department, we build the appropriate framework to enhance the reliability, efficiency and reporting of your processes.

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