Courier & Delivery Services

Industry has come along way and evolving on a faster pace then ever.

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Courier and Delivery Industry

Online Retail and Commerce industry is the major contributor to increase the volume of parcels sent today, traditional letters and documents business is dropping at fast pace.

Today the biggest concern is parcel arriving in bad shape or no delivery at all, additionally poor planning, poor infrastructure, traffic and out dated technology results in high operational cost .

HyperNym’s IOL is focused to provide you with a product to win in last mile by making it smarter deliveries , by adopting this you will be avoiding the silos of information and enable enterprise wide collaboration , thus we help your business to WIN at operational efficiency by making your customer happy .


Latest Industry Stats

  • 19% of Failed deliveries in 2017 were due to bad or in accurate delivery information
  • 1.6 Billion people are forecasted to shop in 2018 through E-commerce which makes 18% growth in E-commerce sector only
  • Corporate and consumer document couriers area decreasing 5% annually

Operational Efficiency KPIs

You have to be Digitally FIT to win this era of ever evolving in logistics industry, In order to be a Champion you have to exploit a whole set of new technologies and leverage them at best, may it be Data analytics or IOT, Senior management is always at crossroads to invest in new technologies between so many technologies but for this you have to define a clear DIGITAL STRATEGY, which should be back bone of your Business Strategy .

Courier and Delivery Industry

If you have any of the following challenges

Opperational efficiency

New Products/Promos time to market delays

No two way communication

Lack of Analytical insights

Lack of Forecasted deliveries

Lack of visbility of your capacity