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When it comes to customer satisfaction, the last mile is crucial to customer satisfaction. We provide real-time data at every touchpoint of the supply chain, giving retailers, distributors and clients complete visibility of every route and order. This means routes can be optimized continuously which boosts on-time delivery, and auto notifications can alert customers of the status of their delivery.

Customers want their products on time, and they expect a positive relationship and consistent communication from the companies they purchase from. In last mile deliveries, speed and time is everything. Our solution plays in important role in making sure the deliveries are processed and delivered quickly. Enabling companies to offer same day deliveries and increase business operations.

With HyperNet business achieve greater visibility of ground-level delivery operations. Use multiple tracking sensors to monitor vehicles and assets movement inside and outside the warehouse. Keep up-to-date with tasks assigned to different riders and personnel.


Last Mile
Delivery Features

electric consumption
Real-time order tracking

Monitor and track your order in realtime and allow users/customers to gain true visibilty about the status of their parcel.

Route Optimization

Perform efficient deliveries with route optimization. Drivers are automatically assigned parcels according to their routes.

team delivery
Enhanced Communication

Advanced telematics allow managers to instantly communicate with their drivers and stay informed about the delivery status.

route optimization
Driver Management

Manage tasks assigned to drivers digitally from the web and mobile application. Create, assign and keep track of orders assigned to different drivers.

Forcasted Deliveries

The advanced AI engine analysis projected deliveries in periodic manner and informs of forcasted deliveries.

Analytical Insights

Transform data into actionable analytical insights. Helps understand managers underperforming processes in delivery.

preventive maintenance
Real-time Order Management

Recieve realtime alerts when the order when a critical event in the delivery process is recognized. (Delays, transfers, lost items, etc)

    Revamping distribution
    logistics with IoT

    Logistics solutions under the Internet of Things (IoT) umbrella are particularly helpful, with sensors providing updates on deliveries—location, potential traffic impacts, re-routing—as well as cost-saving intel on the vehicles themselves.

    Driving Better Customer service

    Timely deliveries, point to point tracking, and strong communications are the hallmark of producing great customer service.

    HyperNet does more than just track deliveries. Besides monitoring delivery vehicles, the cargo and payload is also monitored which ensures product safety.

    HyperNet Fleet Dashboard

    We help resolve all
    delivery challenges

    Real-time delivery data

    In last mile deliveries, customer service plays an important role in Boost your customer service by providing customers with access to all the order & delivery tracking information they need, in real-time. Send tracking information to customers automatically by texts/emails/calls. Keep your customers informed with automatic notifications based on specific order events and customised emails.
    genset monitoring

    Comprehensive Reporting

    With the help of smart wearbles and IoT enaled devices, HyperNet uncomplicates herd management. By using our algorithms we provide an analytical platform for herd owners to know when to act, thus, increasing the opertional efficiency.

    Dairy Farming Deliveries

    Day to day dairy activities are haphazard and unorganized. The HyperNet Smart dairy Farming system is a state-of-the-art IoT solution that can assist the farmers to increase the milk yield by using digitized tracking system. These technological methods can decrease the factors negatively affecting milk production and increase those positively affecting production with minimal resources.
    asset managment

    Construction Management Solution

    Construction equipment is expensive, and equipment theft from work sites can be a serious concern. HyperNet Asset Tracking can let you know as soon as a piece of equipment leaves a specified geo-fenced location to help prevent theft and loss. Receive real-time alerts about the tracking status of construction equipment and machinery.

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