About Us

Our solutions and services are customized to your specific business needs. We believe that majority of the challenges faced by businesses today can be addressed through technology and we do this by keeping our users at the heart of our solutions.

HyperNym is a progressive technology company with its headquarters located in Poland and a core focus on Big Data and IoT based solutions and services. Our team of Hardware and Software engineers are committed to improving & expanding our solutions portfolio through innovation and advancements in technology.

Business with Technology

We offer an array of integrated services that combine top of the range technology and deep sector expertise, based on learning of our team members who are distinguished experts in their domains.

Strive Towards Excellence

HyperNym has a board of Advisors who help the CEO and Management, to remain focused on the core values of the business and provide guidance, based on their experience, towards excellence.

Internet of Things

The proliferation of smart devices and Low energy sensors has created opportunities for new and innovative solutions in the world of IoT.

HyperNym’s IoT platform is one such example that leverages Internet of Things to provide connected services and solutions to businesses. Our ever expanding & innovative solutions portfolio is equipped to meet your business requirements through the power of IoT.


Our IoT Solutions

Hypernym, with its in-house team of hardware and software/platform developers and integrators, takes pride in being the industry leader in the region in-terms of its IOT offerings

Internet of Logistics

Internet of Power

Internet of Animals

Player performance

Big Data Solutions

As data gains momentum, it has become instrumental in defining a key role of insights in businesses.

We see organizations and industries leveraging on this trend to gain competitive advantage since “data has become the new currency”.

Our team of experienced Data Architects, Engineers and young Data Scientists are always in pursuit of exploring new models, algorithms and ways to demonstrate the value of Data for your Business.

Bigdata Industries

We take pride in being one of the few service providers in the region who possess the expertise and experienced resources in the Big Data domain that can cater to your data insight needs.

Our experts’ deep domain knowledge and experience has helped us provide solutions and services in:

Banking Solutions
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Public Security & Defense Solutions
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Telecom Services
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Our Presence
Services Areas

The combination of our partner echo system and our direct presence gives us access to 100 locations across the globe

  1. Poland
    1. Regional Offices
      1. Pakistan
      2. UAE
    2. Resellers & Partners
      1. Australia
      2. Canada
      3. Kenya
      4. Nigeria
      5. Qatar

Our Happy Clients

We partner with our customers to be in their shoes to create their success. HyperNym understands the need and supports its clients on their journey to cloud from their traditional IT Infrastructure