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Hypernym’s SaaS IoT platform is "HyperNET" This provides you basic logistics operations with specific industry built add ons.


Fleet Management


Waste Management


Supply Chain


Vessel Management

Key areas showcasing the benefits of these solutions


Artificial Intelligence

With a wave of investment, a raft of new products and a rising tide of enterprise deployments, artificial intelligence is making a splash in the Internet of Things.


Machine Learning

By leveraging and incorporating machine learning with our Hypernet platform, we are able to provide smart & automated decisions system to our customers. Through machine learning and our developed algorithms, system keeps learning and improving day by day


Real-Time Alerts

In case of any sort of violation, solution will generate alerts through SMS, Mobile Application and Email. For example, if driver violates any rules which are set in the system i.e. Geo Fencing or Driver Behavior, alert will be generated and send through SMS, Mobile Application or Email and logged.


Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time monitoring is the hallmark feature of Internet of Logistics. It helps with a 360-degree view of your assets 24/7 and provides critical information in a glance through our comprehensive dashboard.



Our platform and services provide an analytical approach for our customers to cater to regular & ad-hoc reporting requirements. Our platform allows customers to leverage on market leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools through simple integration and exposed APIs, to crunch the data and generate meaningful insights.



Achieve your IoT vision with Hypernet, your ideal IoT Solutions partner. Transform your Customer Experiences, Operational Processes and Business Models.


Our Data Engineers and Scientists are continuously making this solution more intelligent, with every bit of data adding in its Data Lake, fetching it from various sensors and intelligent Gateways.


Internet of Things

The proliferation of smart devices and Low energy sensors has created opportunities for new and innovative solutions in the world of IoT.

HyperNym’s IoT platform is one such example that leverages Internet of Things to provide connected services and solutions to businesses. Our ever expanding & innovative solutions portfolio is equipped to meet your business requirements through the power of IoT.



Hypernet platform showcase what enterprise customers can achieve with Hypernet Platform. Each solution is built end-to-end by leveraging the Hypernet Toolset.

About Us

HyperNym is changing the way businesses collect and use data. Embarking on the journey of upcoming industries, our Business Team has primarily initiated in the industry of logistics, developing competent Business Wrappers & IoT Applications offering in SaaS.

Our Analytics Experts leverage all of the relevant data collected from these IoT Apps – all the time, keeping your needs at the heart of our solutions and deliver intelligent answers in real – time.

Business with Technology

We offer an array of integrated services that combine top of the range technology and deep sector expertise, based on learning of our team members who are distinguished experts in their domains.

Strive Towards Excellence

HyperNym has a board of Advisors who help the CEO and Management, to remain focused on the core values of the business and provide guidance, based on their experience, towards excellence.

At Hypernym, we aim to bring the benefits of connected sensors and software to organizations that drive the world economy – from transportation and logistics to construction, animal farming, power energy, food production and manufacturing— and to improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of their operations. Our ever expanding & dynamic solutions portfolio is equipped to meet your business requirements through the power of IoT.

Because we just don’t deliver Business Intelligent Technology – we deliver Human Centric Solutions.

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