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HyperNet is flexible platform for asset management which helps you save time and money and access all relevant information anywhere, anytime.


Key Benefits of
Asset Management

HyperNet Asset tracking system allows traceable and untraceable asset tracking with additional information about the location and condition of provides you with an excellent opportunity to report all things immediately and access them from anywhere, anytime, using a cloud-based system.Its software allows you to view all of information in real time, making audits and evidence of regulatory compliance easier.

Our system will assure the safety of your valuable assets, by generating real-time alerts that will prevent assets from being damaged, misused, or being hidden.Asset tracking solutions improve maintenance scheduling and enable you to report any problems with uniquely identifiable assets. Thus, using automated maintenance, replacement, and warranty warnings can potentially save your company a lot of money. All that remains is for you and your team to follow the maintenance and safety schedules that have been suggested.

HyperNet offers preventive maintenance and servicing schedule that prolongs your asset lifecycle and fight depreciation.Using GPS systems and locations, you can keep track of all your assets using an asset management system. This will inspire your personnel to take better care of assets, reducing potential losses.


Asset Features

Track Asset Status

Provides deeper insights based on temperature, humidity, orientation, motion sensor (vibration, drop, etc.)

Dynamic Monitoring

Track, Manage, and Monitor your valuable assets, allowing you to asset utilization and overall productivity.

fleet tracking
Indoor/Outdoor Tracking

Complete visibility of all your assets inside and outside the premises with incredible accuracy.


Dive into reporting and discover powerful insights, updates & operation trends about the fleet operations.

Successful Application of HyperNet
Asset Management System

Operate fleet safely with industry leading safety features

Genset Monitoring System

Constantly monitor the fuel and load consumption of your diesel generators through our Genset Monitoring Solution. Obtain daily, weekly, or monthly reports on critical parameters of generators and easily locate discrepancies. Turn your Generator SETS on/off remotely from anywhere by eliminating manual handling and experiencing increased user convenience.
genset monitoring

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Solution

Keeping track of a supply chain is a lot of work with many different stages. HyperNet Fast-moving Consumer Goods Solution can help you track where goods are in the supply chain, and even provide you with actionable data about fast-selling assets and stock to help your business grow. It is often used to monitor freight and cargo units, tanks, rail cars, trailers, shipping containers and more.

Manufacturing Asset Management System

The manufacturing industry can put IoT asset tracking to use in a variety of ways. RFID technologies can help reduce human error when scanning and tracking components or help expeditors find missing parts that haven’t made it from one workstation to another. Cellular and satellite tracking can keep a safe work environment.
asset managment

Construction Management Solution

Construction equipment is expensive, and equipment theft from work sites can be a serious concern. HyperNet Asset Tracking can let you know as soon as a piece of equipment leaves a specified geo-fenced location to help prevent theft and loss. Receive real-time alerts about the tracking status of construction equipment and machinery.

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