• Real-time energy monitoring via your Wi-Fi network
  • Simply one-key Wi-Fi setup to connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Enterprise-class performance, suitable for domestic, commerical, industrial use and solar system
  • Cloud service and Mobile app is available
  • Support local monitoring via LAN or uploading the data to your specificed server
  • 2-pole DIN-rail mounting fits neatly in the meter box
Mechanical Specification Description
Weight 0.26kg (150A model); 0.37kg (250A model)
Dimension 90×36.5×58mm (2 DIN pole)
CT Diameter 150A CT: φ16mm; 250A CT: φ24.5mm
Protection IP51
Connection AC input:UL-Live wire,UN-Neutral wire
RS485 interface:A-Positive, B-Negative
CT: I+ is Positive, I- is Negative
SMA port: External entenna port
Electrical Specification Description
Input Voltage 80~265 V AC
CT Ratings 150A or 250A optional
Measurement Accuracy 1. Voltage: ±1.0%
2. Current: ±1.0%
3. Active Power: ±1.0%
4. Active Energy: Class 1 as defined by IEC62053-21
Typical power consumption ≤2W(220VAC input)
General Specification Description
Standard package 1. Wi-Fi Energy Meter (WEM3080) x 1
2. Split-core Current Transformer(150A or 250A optional) x 1
3. 2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna x 1
Phase Single phase
Power Supply Built-in universal power supply
Communication Built-in Wi-Fi
Antenna External 2.4G antenna with SMA male
Reporting interval 1-5 minutes interval, typically 1 minute
Report contents Active Energy (Forward and Reverse), Active Power, Voltage, Current, Frequency
Configuration 1. Wi-Fi access point and webpage for setting SSID and password
2. Mobile App for setting SSID and password
Monitoring Scenarios 1. Monitor on Iammeter Cloud
2. Monitor locally on your PC via WLAN (Http get interface)
3. Integrate with third party server, such as your own server, PVoutput and HomeAssistant (TCP/SSL interface)


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